LOVE over fear

November 9, 2016


During this election season, I found myself keeping my opinions to myself, as I watched all of it unfold. After spending 6 months living in the isolated jungles of Costa Rica, in the early part of the year, I discovered for myself what life is all about… LOVE. Importantly, choosing LOVE over fear. 

It can seem like a daunting and hard thing to grasp. LOVE over fear? It can seem unreachable especially when we watch the people who we trust to run our country spend millions of dollars to create ads and propaganda, bad mouthing one another, spreading hate and fear. I would often have to mute the ads or walk away because I couldn’t stand listening to the hate. I would ask myself, “What would our country or our world be like if those people chose to spend their money and energy on really 'making America great?' What if they chose to invest in all the ‘broken’ parts rather just highlight it and bring it to our attention? What if they actually took action?” 

I don’t know if I will ever have the answer to any of these questions… and I don’t expect to. One thing I can do about this, is continue to live my life with an open heart. I can continue to love myself, my family, my community,  my neighbor, and OUR EARTH. I can choose to unite with my people and stand up for each other and our planet. 

In a dark room, one candle can illuminate and shine through. During these times I ask myself and my community, to be like a lotus flower. I ask that we root ourselves in the earth, to stand tall and rise about the muddy waters of attachment and desire, and open our hearts and ourselves to the purity and truth of love. This is what will make our country and our world great. 

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May 2, 2017

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